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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Pin It Now! Yeah ok so I am ready and determined to get this workout thing up and running.  I have attempted to get up at 4:30 am to tackle this thing head on at the beginning of my day.  While I LOVE when the outcome of this attempt is successful, it seems that it is more of a "crash and burn" attempt than a "Bravo" moment.  Soooooo, new strategy!!!!!  Late night workouts...yeah! So hi-ho-hi-ho...off to the gym we go, me and my girl, Sarah, to the gym at 9:oo p.m.  As you previously read...that time of the night is usually a hit or miss time for me. I am either wired from too much late night coffee...or a very intense episode of HGTV Design Star, Project Runway or Hell's Kitchen (Those episodes can get so ruthless and nerve racking *insert sarcasm here*)...or I am crashed-out in an upright position on the chair with one child's homework in one hand and oreos and milk in the other....hense the need to workout...lol.

So the point of this blog entry,in case you were wondering, is while hitting the gym at the late and unconventional hour, I am determined to burn 500 calories! Heck yeah! So Sarah and I choose the "cardio" option.  As you may know, this option keeps a constant monitor of your heart rate so that you can stay on the maximum target rate for the maximum amount of burn! Yeah so slowly, AND I MEAN SLOOOOOOWLY, my heart rate goes up along with the incline of the treadmill.  I am thinking, "Yeah...that's what I am talking about! I am gonna get my sweat on!!" Well, the heart monitor thing will not read my pulse rate.  Weird! So I move to another treadmill...And begin the process all over again....and finally my heart rate is read and slowly inclines, along with the machine...Meanwhile Sarah is going at 175 heart rate when her target rate is 158...GRRR!! I am walking at a 10.2 incline and my rate is only 98...OH EM GEE! What the heck.... so I finally manage to get to 144, which my target rate is 148...almost there!!  So I decide to run...Thats gonna get the ticker pumping....NOT! I am running at an 8 incline, trying not to fall and holding on for dear life, and my HEART RATE GOES DOWN!!! What in the heck is that!??!!  Whose heart rate goes DOWN when they RUN!

So my work out didnt really "Work Out"...so I moved on to circuit training where there is no wacked out heart monitor and I can simply rely on the good old fashioned burning pain of my muscles!!!

Technology can be so unreliable...


Running along,


  1. Running ia definitely the best and you shouldn't worry about the heart rate as much. Changing the paste between jogging and sprints seems to work the best. Good luck

  2. I have no advice in this department...so sorry!! But, I did enjoy reading your tale :). Made me chuckle.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I lol'd (for real, not just text speak) at your armpits/armoire autocorrect. I love a well-decorated armpit ;-)

  3. @thanks radium! @emily....autocorrect makes my day on many-a-days! Haha! Btw I love your ideas. So much I made a very brisk and almost emergency style run to the store. I made the sock pumpkins. Not as adorable as yours but I think they are cute;)


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