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Monday, September 17, 2012


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Well, I don't own a literal pet store, but honestly, it feels like it sometimes. I posted this on facebook the other day...

"1 fat tailed gecko 2 little children 3 loving doggies 9 baby puppies
---all I I need is a partridge in a pear tree....well I do have a peach tree in the backyard.... Haha"
OK so the children aren't "pets" but the rest of them ARE! As of now, I have twelve dogs in my house!
My sweet little Havaneese got frisky with my shi-poo and made 10 pups!

One passed away
But 9 remain and they are the cutest little things!
this little baby-making Shi-poo is up for SALE...Can't be having all that fornication in the house!
(That's not the ONLY reason we are selling him...having two long hair doggies is a bit of a chore and can take a toll on the budget)
My son wanted a gecko for his birthday so we found a great deal on a African Fat-Tailed Gecko
This is "Lizzy"! So Creative, huh?!
And well, it was all good until my 6 year old pretended that the gecko was a baby doll and carried it around in a baby carrier! Well, "Lizzy" the gecko didn't appreciate this AT ALL and nipped her finger. 

I think it was more scary than painful, but there WAS a little blood. Needless to say, the gecko is now "FOR SALE" too.
I love animals, but SHEESH! This is an animal MAD HOUSE! Doing any fall decorating or DIY-ing seems impossible with this reptile and canine takeover!
I haven't lost hope though! I am stoked to share with you one of the most amazing birthday presents that I could have ever gotten inspired by a table made by Domestic Imperfection
---YEP---I just a had a birthday: The big 33! 
A dear friend of mine and her hubby are having a 7 foot farm style table made just for MEEEEE! It'll be arriving soon and I will share all of the "deets", I PROMISE!
TTYL!! (by the way---I really really really miss all my bloggy buds)

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  1. I cannot wait to see the table.. The boys ask me for a pet sometimes and ofcourse it is a different kind every time they ask. Its hard to keep up with three boys much less added messes.. Hope u find a loving home for the animals soon!!


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