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Sunday, February 24, 2013


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*Exhale* Ahhh! 

Yeah...it's been a while since I've checked in huh?..I know, I know! 
Big blogger "Faux Pas".
After the Holidays and all its craziness, it has taken me a while to bounce back! 

Like I mentioned HERE IN THIS POST, I am a random chic! I am working on this issue in my life....But if you want to know the REAL me and not the image that I am painting myself to be...
there you have it...
I. Am. Random.
But here I am now!
I have missed you Blog World. 

I am so thankful for every person who has (strangely) found me interesting enough to follow my blog...
Really! You guys RAWK! 
Sooooo....Do you forgive me?! 
Gee! Thanks! I knew you would!
*tee hee*

Anyway, enough with the begging and pleading...

2012 ended with some cool self reflection that I talked about HERE.  I never was the big deep thinker, but I don't know, I am changing a little, I think.  And I like it!   

2013 has begun and... 

Number 1: 
WE WILL FIX MY HOUSE! It's top priority folks! I am SO done!!  
I need to share my "House Story" with y'all! Maybe I will on another post, but seriously y'all....
It's dying! Like....Hospice has been called....Like....There's barely a pulse!!!

We have SO many projects that are BEYOND the "I just wanna update this room and make it look pretty" reason! It's more like..."If I don't change the floor ASAP, we just might fall through it!"
I have the hubs on board so I foresee a year of weekends full of DIY mania...Well, as soon as the funds start flowing...which, it will...*fingers crossed*...I am very hopeful! So friends *you know who you are* get your tool belts ready and your paintbrush in hand! It's gonna be a wild year!

Number 2:
I started a weight loss journey (among most of America) in January.  
The goal? 35 pounds. I am down 14 in 7 weeks! YAY!
 I am pumped and motivated!
I will stick this one out! I am determined!

Number 3:
I did something a few weeks ago that I have been wanting to do for a VERY long time! 
I went to a BIG singing audition. I have been singing nearly all my life and never did something like that! I will share the whole story in another post soon.  It was SUCH an awesome experience!
So check back for the scoop!

So, Yeah! This is my check-in update! I will not let so much time go by again before I check in...I promise! Blogging is something I really enjoy!!


Enjoying coffee on a quiet Sunday morning,
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