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Thursday, November 1, 2012


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Hey Ya'll!!!!!
I know I haven't been posting tons of things the past few months and the reasons for this would probably fill up an entire post!
Lots of changes..and its been good!
Please forgive my inconsistency..A blogger's "faux pas", I know! However, the greatest change regarding my blog was realizing that this blog is about me being a real person and part of this reality is that I am a very random person. I am not totally proud of this flaw, but that's me!
Random Nelly!
Readers deserve REAL people. Isn't that the beauty of the blog world?...or at least the way that is used to be? I was trying so hard to keep up with all the big bloggers that I admire SO SO SO much and I aspire to grow in this way...they are SUPER BLOGGERS!
I. Am. Not. There. Yet.
With all of that said...On with this post!
November is the BEST month of the year for A LOT of great reasons!
Cooler weather (most of the time), Yummy fall foods, pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING (especially pumpkin spice latte), the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg, putting out my sugar cookie candles and
Of course, the "politically correct christian like" thing to say is, "Well, I give thanks all year long!"
Yep! I know that is what some of you may have been thinking---No judgement here folks!
And I agree! Although I have such great intentions to do this very thing (Give thanks allll yeeeaarr looonng), I fall short. A LOT. Every year.
So I enjoy the HARD FOCUS on giving thanks in November! I remember kinda feeling this way last Fall (you can read that post HERE). There's like a little nudge in my heart reminding me that all the mumbo jumbo of the year is just that...Mumbo Jumbo! I enjoy putting in perspective all the great things that God has done and how he has blessed me, my family and friends! 

Yep...I don't make the most money...but I'm thankful I have a job that works well with my life!
Sure...my clothes are a little tighter this year...but I am thankful I am healthy (and enjoyed all of those Mexican Restaurant work nights)!
Um, yes...my house needs A TON of TLC...but it's my house and it's a home full of laughter and love!
Mmm Hmmm...I do not have a perfect marriage...but I am STILL married going on 14 years which is a miracle in today's society! Whoop Whoop!
OK...I know my kiddos are balls of energy and a handful at times...but Golly...I love em and they love me and its AMAZING!
It's not about "settling" for what you have or where you are in life..it's about recognizing that where you are and what you have is a blessing and there is ALWAYS a silver lining!

So  yeah, if you are up for it...I will be posting my pics representing things that I am thankful for...whether big or small... on my blog and over on Facebook and Instagram!
Wanna join me?


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I really love your personal post. I think it's great that your transparent. I have really found myself more content than ever just because I realize that no matter the season, I can be satisfied that we have everything we need even though sometimes it's hard to see it. God always provides!

  2. I just grabbed a button and added you to my blog!!! I love you!!!


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