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Friday, June 10, 2011


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Well today was an interestingly good day! Roomed with my girl, Sarah, and spent most of the day kicking it at the conference. Of course, ya know the day cant get off to a start without a few "moments" featuring yours truly! So yeah, as we are walking to the meeting, I managed to ignore the fact that the escalator was moving TOWARD me! I managed to avoid hopping a ride on that escalator, but it was close and didn't go unnoticed! Yeah .... so that was an awkward moment.

I also shared a moment when I asked a simple question about there being gravy with a certain sandwich that Pastor Bobby had the pleasure of raving about! That moment was seized by none other than Pastor himself ! He says in a very Cajun accent quite teasingly " Now Nelly, ya know ya cajun when ya askin bout da gravy on da sandwich! Gotta get dat gravy huh nelly!?" haha! It was funny!

So I'm walking with my girl, Sarah, to retrieve a new room key because our key malfunctioned and while walking down this grand hallway, the awesome sound of big band was streaming and I just could not restrain from busting out in a "jive"! Well, from a distance comes a hotel worker and as he passes says " Yeah! That's some good dancing right there! Makes me wanna start dancing!" OMG! Wow! AWKWARD MOMENT AGAIN!

So I am a
backward escalator riding,
jive dancing,
gravy eating
....enjoying awkward moments in Atlanta with my peeps!

Wouldn't trade those moments either!

Jiving on,

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