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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Pin It Now! I found this old blog on myspace from years ago and a few thoughts ran through my mind...1-"Wow, that was some deep-thinking right there, at least for me!" I never have been a real deep thinker although, on the contrary, I actually do ALOT of thinking...and 2-I thought..."Hmmmm...a blog?!"...something different to do beside the occational facebook status update and newfound twitter "tweets"...

So, yeah, here ya go! I've been accused of living under a rock, because I don't catch on to things on the brink of their existence, but the honest truth is that I hate to be a trend follower so I usually hold back on getting into something in the beginning (for example, the adorable feathers that EVERYONE has in their hair..I really love the look but now its just too popular). The downfall is that I am always "behind the times" and therefore accused of hiding under a rock!

...as i  am sitting here,   thinking, I wish that I had the power to change the minds of those that I love.  I wish that I could stop the hands of time and shock the hearts of those that have flattlined.  I only wish that every moment spent in prayer and discipleship would not simply be heard and then forgotten, but actually absorbed and used to develop the life of an individual.  I wish that every person who turns away from a life of destruction and hurt, would never, ever return to such a life....I wish!  I also wish that I could playback my own life and display to those who simply think that I just don't understand, and show them how deeply I do understand.  I wish I could open up my chest and display the love, the devotion, and the hurt....showing to those who may doubt that it is REAL LOVE....REAL DEVOTION...AND REAL HURT.  I know that I am certainly not without fault or sin....and am only anything because of the grace of God  and the forgiveness of Him.   Lastly, I don't wish to change the past but simply wish to use it to help change the future.......I wish....


  1. I'm the same way about mainstream things...won't catch me with feathers...or watching the twighlight series

  2. I know what you mean! But I have to confess that I did get snagged by the Twightlight series...it was a BRIEF obsession, but its over now! Phew!! ;)


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