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Friday, March 23, 2012


Pin It Now! Oh happy day! Yes it is!  I am loving my quest to revamp my home on a dime...literally! When the budget is tight and you are craving to shop, well, then desperate times call for creative measures.

I mentioned a while ago about my 5 in 5 mission, when I run into a store and only have 5 minutes to shop for treasures under $5.  I think it is so fun! 

Heres the latest...small trinkets that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside:) 

1.00 for the green ceramic candle holder (or "whatever" holder)
*liked it green but didn't match the room

AHHH! MUCH BETTER! Paired with another 5in5 find, the little bird for only a buck!
Have any ideas as to what I can put in that large apothecary jar??  I am stumped...trying to think of something out of the box!

Or maybe my lil bird will live here under the glass thingy I found for .25!! Im undecided!

Love my lil brass four leaf clover for .25---I never really think about St. Patty's Day decor, but what the heck?! Why not?!
What is your latest find! I heart pretty little things! Its sometimes the little touches that make me smile! I doesn't always have to something BIG!
Hope you have a blessed Day!!




  1. Those are great finds. I love getting fun stuff for a steal. Why not right?
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Just a friendly suggestion:

    1. Thats what I am saying!! I love the little things! Makes me smile....Comments also make me smile!! Thanks for taking the time to visit! I am new to the blog-a-sphere and LOVING IT!!

  2. Great finds! I am also a thrifter! I love your idea of 5 for $5! I went the other day and got a heap of frames for a few dollars. I'm going to stick them together and paint them all the same colour (if you get what I mean). I also got my daughter an 'as new' scooter for $3!!

    1. Yes I totally get ya'! Friend of mine did that with frames and I loved it! She added a rustic touch by binding them with twine. Thanks for stopping by! Look forward to hearing more of your thrifty finds!


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