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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Pin It Now!
WELL... here it is...the Pinterest Inspired Craft FAIL!

YEAH, well it's not really a "fail", I would say, but it is definitely NOT what I expected! I don't know what happened or what I did wrong.
When I spotted the chalkboard painted eggs on Pinterest, I 
really loved them! 
Get my point?
I mean, REALLY! I thought they were so cool! Until, I made them and all I could see was...

well...let's say the Bunny...was really really big... and left behind really big...
Well you get the point! I tried to ignore those thoughts but I just couldn't shake it!


Thank you to Lolly Jane for saving the day! This was their original idea!!
Now I have granite-inspired eggs!! 
MUCH MUCH better, I'd say!

I really wish it would have worked out for me and I just loved the chalkboard eggs in the picture on Pinterest, but they just weren't ME, ya know!? 

Have you ever been disappointed by a project that you were SURE you would love???

If you are wondering this is how I made my eggs.  I did it a little different.  I used metallic instead of flat acrylic, except for the white, and no glitter. 

1-Started with the black base from the chalkboard paint.
2-Then used a paper towel and dabbed on the brown metallic
3-Next, while still wet, I dabbed on the white acrylic
3-Let it dry for a little while.

While it was drying, I worked on my Spring wreath that I will share with you soon...multitasking!

4-Next, I added the gun metal gray metallic (It was still tacky but that's okay).
5-I wanted to add another layer of the white, dabbing very random and lightly and finished with the brown metallic.

It takes a little while to dry, but I am pleased!!

Kinda looks like little dino eggs! HAHA!

Nestled in a bed of green raffia in a beautiful crystal dish (from Goodwill, I might add) makes a nice little setting!

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 (with everything on it, OF COURSE),


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