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Monday, March 12, 2012


Pin It Now! Okay so this is the scenario! Imagine it, I am lying on the couch after eating a wonderful dinner including crawfish and friends! Sound asleep am I on a cozy couch with my comfy pillow and blanket!
Enter Visual #1...(Sorry... kinda hard to take a picture of yourself sleeping...so just imagine it..k? k!)
Of course as always, I'm asleep while others are awake (enter regret here)! My dear sweet crawfish eating friends have left for the night and alone are we in the house just me, my husband and wonderful children.
Now before I go any further, I must  preface this blog entry by saying this was all my nine-year-old son's idea! The only problem, is that his five-year-old sister ratted him out before he could ever accomplish this prank! So, my husband being the prankster he is, decides to take my nine-year-old son's prank idea and use it on me...how rude suhweet!!
Now back to the story.
Unsuspectingly, as I  laid my head to sleep drifting off into dreamworld, I'm awakened by gun shots going off behind my head! Can you imagine how I responded?
You see, my nine-year-old got an iPod for Christmas and one of his very first apps that he added was an app with all kinds of noises and sounds! Among those  sounds are gunshots. Not only gunshots might I add, but several guns shooting! No only several guns shooting BUT it is coming through two EXTRA speakers plugged into the ipod!!
Let's look a little closer, shall we!
Insert Visual #2

Oh my goodness! I was so freaked out I jumped off the couch walked away my heart was beating hundred million miles an hour and all  I could think of was my nine-year-old! Then I turn around and see that it was NOT my nine-year-old son! It was my 38-year-old husband! Gee... thanks honey! To top it all off, one of his very first things he says to me is "Man, I wish I would've videotaped this! And then the second thing he said, was "Ummm... are you gonna put this in your blog!?"
Wow! Where is the pity? Not even an "I'm sorry?" It's good to know that I am confident that he loves me! Don't you think?
So honey....To answer your question, yes, I have put this into my blog! I have uncovered your plot therefore hoping that you will not be successful in using this prank on anyone else!(Warning: Evin and to anyone else to falls asleep at my house)
Blogging when I shouldn't be (shhhhh!) while using my handy-dandy voice recognition on my iPhone 4S,


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