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Monday, April 2, 2012


Pin It Now!
I pray everyone had a beautiful weekend!
In my continued quest to de-brownify (gotta love my good grammar), I decided to begin with adding some color to the front door!

Isn't she purty!!!??? Took only about 15 minutes!

But there was one little problem!
Craft budget = tiny!

So I decided to go shopping in the best place possible! My Closet! That is a place where it is ALWAYS FREE!
I found this great fabric that I bought a few springs ago to make a pillowcase dress for my daughter (she hates pillowcase dresses, by the way)


So then I went shopping in my OTHER closet for a wreath and found this one from the fall. 
OK so lets get to repurposing!

1-Cut two pieces of fabric 8" by 54"
2-Then wrap wrap and wrap some more, tucking as you go
(I wrapped right over the other fabric just incase I wanna use that baby again!)
3-I didnt want to glue anything so whatever shall I do!?! STRAIGHT PINS!!
I pinned everything on with straight pins!
Silk flowers included!


And there ya have it! Re-used the rafia to tie up a chalkboard frame, Re-used the burlap bow and this baby only cost $2 for the yellow and white flowers from Dollar Tree!
Everything else was REPURPOSED!

I honestly can't wait to pull out more hidden treasures from my "closet store"!!
Hope I inspired you to shop your home first and re-purpose!!

Blogging indoors dreaming of being outdoors with the family,


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