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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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I can honestly say that I don't think gift wrap tissue is "trash" on this "T2T" Tuesday.

 However, there are some people out there that will not hesitate to toss that old used tissue away. This is not the case for me (unless it has food or something on it then, EW!...It's history)!
Anyway, trash or not, I promised in my Colors of the Rainbow Party Post (HERE) that I would share this 
( not cover girl ) 
I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest and tried to get to the originator of the photo, but it kept bringing me to Spam sites, so I am bummed that I can't give a shout out to the person responsible for the photo!
(That's why watermarks and logos are important, People!)
*Accordion fold two pieces of tissue
*Fold those two pieces in half and match them up together and staple in the center of each
* Then match up the opened sides and line them up stapling all the way to the end. Repeat for all sides
(NOTE: Before I decided to staple the sides, I attempted to tape them but decided not to because the paper is so thin and if it isn't matched up correctly and I need to remove it, the tape will tear the paper and then it's a hot mess!)
* Finally, I used pipe cleaners to gather both halves of the flowers to make one BIG BEAUTY and twisted it around the back creating a loop to hang it.

And...C'EST FINI (A little bit of french for ya'll)!
It took a little while....(not TOO long) to make these, but I loved the outcome!
Most decorations that are the same, done in bulk, will usually give a nice look!

OHHHH and these two awesome bloggers featured my DIY Floral Wire Earrings:

Thank you Chicas (Now Spanish?! I'm tri-lingual today)!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!!

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