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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Pin It Now!
Happy Saturday!
I just wanted to pop in for a second with this little update!
OK so YEAH that's supposed to be me "popping in"...Phew, I get cheesier and cheesier!
and I LIKE IT!
Beginning June 2012, I will begin 
Blog Sponsor Swaps!
I will place YOUR BUTTON in my sidebar and you will place MY BUTTON in your sidebar for one month, along with a SPONSOR FEATURE POST!
What's the catch?
NO CATCH--Except maybe we "catch" a few new bloggy buddies along the way! 
I love bloggy friends!
This is an ideal way to promote each another's blog AND it is absolutely FREE (my favorite)!

If you would like to DO A BACKGROUND CHECK dig in and find out who this "Nelly" chic is, hop over to my ABOUT ME PAGE or check out this RANDOM THOUGHTS ABOUT ME Post! You'll see that I am slightly addicted to Dove Chocolate, Hot Fries, the movie "Elf" and  other slightly embarrassing things (I still don't know why I posted that...OH WELL!)

This is one of my favorite quotes:
"Community over competition!"
In Blogger's terms, friends over followers!

We all want followers but I REALLY want friends first! Don't you?
Note: In order to give the greatest exposure, I only will place 8 sponsors in the sidebar per month! 


So let's switch-a-roo!

If you are interested, please email me @dginnovations@gmail.com


  1. I'll do it Danielle but I don't have a blog! How would I pin your button??

  2. Sounds interesting...maybe something to try... Your blog looks cute! I'm now a follower


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