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Thank you for visiting my blog!!  This is my crazy family! We have lots of fun times and sometimes not-so-fun times, but we are FAMILY and with God, we will make it through every curve ball that life can throw!

Why do I blog?

I am a working mom (dreaming of the day I can be a stay-at-home mom again) and I am a BUSY BUSY bee! My family and friends think I have "lost my marbles", and sometimes I think I have too, but I am perfectly sane!

I blog for a few reasons:

1-To have an outlet to download.  Some people get tired of hearing about the latest wedding, design project or thrift store find that has found its way into my life. Others love to hear! Either way, a blog creates a way for the interested to hear. I mean what can I say...I just love to create ANYTHING! So that is the reason I am always talking about it so stinkin' much! DUH! There are so many areas of creativity that have stolen my heart that I really could never narrow down my creativity to only ONE area of interest...That is why "DG Innovations" was born! So, I just decided to do it all...Wedding Design & Planning, Interior Decorating & ReDesign, Holiday Decor, Photography, DIY Projects and morel!!!! Hey! Shoot, why not?

2-The other reason is obvious, I would think?!  I love to be inspired and therefore I also have hopes to become a valuable resource for other blog seekers....to inspire others!!  I am a blog "newbie" so I have lots to learn, but I enjoy blogging and I hope that you enjoy my crafts, projects and stories about my crazy life!


Definition of INNOVATION
1: the introduction of something new
2: a new idea, method, or device

In other words....just creating...anything and everything...for anyone and everyone!


  1. AMEN! I promise, I will never get tired of talking wedding, crafting, designing, and every aspect of each with you! :)

    Love you, and I'm proud of your blog! It looks amazing!! :D

  2. I blog because my friends all get tired of me talking about my puppies, my crafts and anything else that I run across. This way I can still say what I would like to, and if someone would like to stop by and listen (or read, lol), then so be it. : ).. And I definitely agree, I love the look of your blog. Great job! Glad to meet ya!


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