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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Pin It Now! Yep, you heard that right, PROUD! Proud to be a mother of two loving and crazy-fun kiddos, proud to be married nearly 12 awesome years, proud to have embarked on the pursuit of my own business(es) to actually do what I love the most..."create"!

Seriously, I never really imagined what life would be like in my 30's. As a kid, that seemed so far away and uninteresting. But I can truly say, that after some time adjusting and some random momentary counsel from fellow "thirty-somethingers", I have crossed over from panick to proud!

Yeah, so my metabolism is not moving at warp speed anymore...and social security may not even exist when I retire so I may work til I'm 90, and I shop at Sam's wholesale and LIKE it. And falling asleep at 8:30 from sheer exhaustion is probable.... I feel blessed! Not about what I have or don't have but because I am able be thirty something and feel this good about it. There will never be enough money, time or energy.

But there is tons of love!

Side note: Should I be offended when someone tells me that I wasn't a very cute teenager and I look younger now than I did then?? I THINK NOT!
(yeah, that happened)

At 16...

Hahah at 31...

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