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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Pin It Now! I hope and pray everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! I ate way to many carbs! :) But I'm thinking Monday will be a good day to get back on track with a healthy eating plan?!?! Right? RIGHT!
It won't be very long (3 weeks and some change to be exact) til CHRISTMAS! Is it just me or did this year fly by? I mean REALLY FLY BY!?
Well nevertheless, the holidays are here and it's truly my FAVE!!! I am not done with my Christmas decorating but I have managed to get the tree and mantle done....and I love it!
My vintage inspired wintery white tree with pops of soft blue and red...
Still need to get my star topper, but I love it's cottage-like vibe! I may add a tad more blue and red but I usually end up making ornaments so I always leave some spots open on my tree for some add ons!
We all picked out our yearly ornament! Can you tell which one is mine and which one is for the Hubby?
Last years tree with turquoise, red and white that you can see here was one of my favorites ever, but this year I was feeling something a little more simple and soft.
*SIGH* Just makes me smile!
How's your decorations coming along? New scheme this year or sticking with the same?
I'd love to see!
Loving the brisk air and warm slipper socks,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Pin It Now! I'm in love with this white display dish from goodwill! It made the debut appearance on my table!

I love green apples for my fall decor!

Gold pinecones paired with moss and green apples work perfectly together!
This just makes me smile!
Happy Fall y'all,

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Pin It Now!
         Hey all! Just wanted to pop in and share a little something with blog land! Every year my daughter and I dress up together for Halloween! She picks the costume and I make it and wear it! It's fun and kinda our little thing (I'll enjoy it while I can) 
         This year we were MERMAIDS! No- NOT "The Little Mermaid". Just....Mermaids! She LOVES the old kids show "H2O" and so that is what sparked her choice!
         First, I did lots if research to get ideas all over the net and Pinterest and combined them all to get this look! 
        It was so much fun! The tail are a sequin stretch fabric in a basic pencil skirt shape, pulled tight and sewn up the back- just one seam...SCORE! The fabric didn't fray so I didn't bother with hemming. I added tulle to the bottom and voila! I sewed the tulle with a simple quickie stitch. 
        I found lots of YouTube ideas on creating mermaid-like fish scales and mostly people use fish net stockings as a stencil-so clever huh?! I used a piece of the netting I bought for my sash (to save money of course) and would recommend using the stockings. It would be easier to place over your face instead of holding the other net tight as you blot the makeup over it. It came out good but wasn't "easy".  The colorful hair is a mix of deconstructed dollar tree dress up hair and blue hair chalk (which is super messy by the way). For the crown, it's a dollar tree dress-up crown with shells and pearls glued onto it and lighted painted, again, with champagne gold.

        My son  is totally over the "mommy made my costume" phase and he HAD to have this morph suit! I mean HAD to HAVE IT!! 

        The top is real shells all hot glued on a basic white cami and then I brushed a champagne gold over them. I bought an actual fishing net from hobby lobby and glued shells to it for the sash and wrap as shown in the above photos.  I also had it in wrapped around the back of my hair (forgot to take a pic of that). It was cool looking! 
(This is before the gold) 
         Soooooo, that's about it! It was so much fun to wear and be a mythical sea creature for a night!
Lord only knows what my little creative diva will have me wearing next year!
Lots a Love,