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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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7 years ago (to the day) Hurricane Katrina slammed the coast of Louisiana devastating New Orleans and many South Eastern Louisiana Parishes. It is still so real to so many people not only from Louisiana but all over the nation.  So much tragedy and loss.
We opened a shelter at our church and I can still envision the people driving in by the hour...so lost, so confused. What a terrible life changing event for thousands!
I will never forget it.

And then there was Isaac. 
As of now, he is just a category 1 hurricane. 
Louisiana folks don't usually "flinch" by a category one hurricane...at least...that's how it used to be.
Seems like since Hurricane Katrina, storm threats are not taken so lightly (which they never should be).  Honestly, I think there is more to the story as to why New Orleans was so devastated and it is not just because of the hurricane strength. The levys should have been better prepared and maintained in the even of the threat of any major storm...
But that's just MY opinion. Hey, I could be wrong...but who knows...

On a lighter note, I know that some of my wonderful readers are not from the good ole south, so let me paint a picture of how Louisianians view a Hurricane. Don't get me wrong, we prepare and by no means, is a hurricane funny business...but leave to Cajun Country to make a party out of a storm.  There are so many funny rituals that families do during a hurricane. For my family, I remember camping out in the hallway as a child with mattresses and a can of Vienna Sausage. Sounds kinda terrible, but it really wasn't. It may seem strange, but I guess it is just a way to make the best out of what could be a tragic situation...kinda gets your mind off of the fact that you or something you own just might get blown away by 100 mph winds!!
These are some pics I have seen floating around facebook. 

If you know the source of any of these photos let me know and I will certainly give credit!


Do you have any hurricane stories?
Were you or someone you know affected by Hurricane Katrina?
Do share (If you'd like)
Say a little prayer for the South...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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(Sorry...phone pics)
I am slightly humiliated.
This picture was actually after we removed about 40% of the stuff off the floor. The floor was M.I.A. for months!
Oh the SHAME!
Then we moved it all into the bedroom...WOWZER! Reality set in at this point...
"Nelly...you have a problem....a closet mayhem problem!!"
Seriously...I can't really remember having an organized closet...ever!
My life was never "relaxed" enough to get it to that point!
Well, I have decided that it is about time to focus on my home, you know, a HOME... that place that we pay a BIG mortgage for in order to spend about 12-15 hours a day in which is about half of our lives?!?!  
YEAH...THAT place!
 The biggest problem that I had with my closet (AMONG QUITE A FEW PROBLEMS) was organizing my crafts! I REFUSE to get rid of them! I will (eventually) make something with that left over silk flower from a bridal bouquet I made for a friend 3 years ago or that white pom pom trim from my daughter's crib bedding (she is six now)!
Yep...waste not, want not!
I had to (very hesitantly) ask my organization (intervenor) and DIY partner in crime, Sarah, "Am I a hoarder?!?!"
She gently let me know, that is not the case!
Phew!! Thank the Lord!!
There IS hope!
So, with ZERO moolah...I had to work with what I had to organize all that crafting crap stuff I have accumulated.
I bought a bunch of plastic shoe boxes for like $1 with the intention of putting my shoes in them...well, OBVIOUSLY, that didn't happen.  So, they became my new craft organization plan!
Then I needed labels.
I WILL be locating chalkboard labels (or dry erase) when the budget allows, but til then, clear packaging tape and a sharpie will do!
I am totally NOT DONE with this closet! This will go from Closet Mayhem to Closet FABULOUS...You just wait and see!
It will take some time and patience...but I am determined!!!!!
I have some other cool organization ideas that I implemented that I will share soon!
Stay tuned!
(Now I just have to located my husband's new work belt that seems to have disappeared during my quest to organize...ummm. whoops.)
Mucho Love,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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I am pumped to say that I have made it (thus far) on my double challenge photo a day quest!
Oh, the simple things in life, eh?!


Why DOUBLE photo challenge?? Well, I am so glad you asked....
I came across two challenges this month and figured...What the heck...Why not?
 One challenge is from Oh So Lovely and then there is the one that I usually participate in from Fat Mum Slim!

I will be posting my pics over on  Facebook and Instagram so come check it out!
Here are the challenges if you wanna jump on board. The instagram hashtag is #photoadaydoublechallenge.

Hugs and kisses!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


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Well...I came across two challenges this month and figured...Why not?
A friend of mine introduced me to one from Oh So Lovely and then there is the one that I usually participate in from Fat Mum Slim!
So if your up to it...lets give it whirl!
If TWO HEADS are better than one, then certainly TWO PHOTO-A-DAY CHALLENGES would have the same principle?!?!
I will be posting my pics over on  Facebook and Instagram so come check it out!

Ok and as far as my POST FROM YESTERDAY goes...
I am starting to get my groove back!
I am pumped!!