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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Pin It Now!
I am so excited to show y'all my Thrifty DIY Mom-Daughter Rag Doll costumes!! I googled and googled and prowled all over pinterest for cute ideas and stumbled upon ( no, not the website...actually stumbled.upon.) the cutest inspiration from A Beautiful Mess which featured an ADORABLE Rag Doll creation by SkunkBoy! This was the launching pad inspiration for our costume!
The cost:
Shirt-Free-In my closet
Dress-5.99 Goodwill (Only bought something wearable again)
White sash-Free-Old flower girl dress
Long candy stripe tights-5.00-Party City
Wig-5.00-DIY No-Sew (I'll tell you how I made it below)
Dress-Free-old dance recital costume
Purple Tights-3.00 at Walmart
Socks-3.00 at Walmart
Apron-Free-Used an old shirt that was too small and cut the top off below the sleeves and added a piece of ribbon long enough to tie in the back and hot glued it along the cut edge

Grand Total-$24.50 for both---Not SUPER DEE DUPER DEE cheap---But for an entire get up like that and for TWO costumes, I'd say pretty Darn good!

OK so now for the yarn wig "deets"!
My sewing machine has been broken for a while so it was gonna have to be a
I looked...and looked some more for an easy no-sew way to make a yarn wig.  Most of the options I found involved sewing in some way...
...and then.
the ONE!
Yes, I found an easy no-sew way to make the wig HERE using:
  •  A crochet or Knit hat in the same color as yarn for the hair and
  • A crochet needle
  • Yarn
I was one happy DIY-er when I found this!

1. I wrapped the yarn around a pillow 20-30 times then gathered the center end of the opposite starting side and tied it with a 5 inch piece of yarn---REPEAT 11 TIMES
2- Using the crochet needle, poke through from the inside of the hat grabbing the yarn and pulling through the smaller piece of yarn used to tie the bundle together. Do this with both pieces and tie them on the inside of the hat securing it to the hat.
There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel! :))
3-You can add bangs doing the same process.  I used a DVD case instead of a pillow to make my bundles.

I know I don't have tons of great pictures or details, but use the blog that I used and you will be happy with the outcome! I used a crochet hat for my daughters and a knit hat for mine.  The crochet was easier but they both worked out!

I love how the costumes turned out! We all had a blast at our Halloween Alternative Family Event at our church!!
And now...on to the HOLIDAYS!!

Dreaming of Thanksgiving and the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree,


  1. I love Mommy and Me costume idea! You two look so cute!

  2. This is too cute! Thanks for the clear instructions.


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