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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Pin It Now!
WELL... here it is...the Pinterest Inspired Craft FAIL!

YEAH, well it's not really a "fail", I would say, but it is definitely NOT what I expected! I don't know what happened or what I did wrong.
When I spotted the chalkboard painted eggs on Pinterest, I 
really loved them! 
Get my point?
I mean, REALLY! I thought they were so cool! Until, I made them and all I could see was...

well...let's say the Bunny...was really really big... and left behind really big...
Well you get the point! I tried to ignore those thoughts but I just couldn't shake it!


Thank you to Lolly Jane for saving the day! This was their original idea!!
Now I have granite-inspired eggs!! 
MUCH MUCH better, I'd say!

I really wish it would have worked out for me and I just loved the chalkboard eggs in the picture on Pinterest, but they just weren't ME, ya know!? 

Have you ever been disappointed by a project that you were SURE you would love???

If you are wondering this is how I made my eggs.  I did it a little different.  I used metallic instead of flat acrylic, except for the white, and no glitter. 

1-Started with the black base from the chalkboard paint.
2-Then used a paper towel and dabbed on the brown metallic
3-Next, while still wet, I dabbed on the white acrylic
3-Let it dry for a little while.

While it was drying, I worked on my Spring wreath that I will share with you soon...multitasking!

4-Next, I added the gun metal gray metallic (It was still tacky but that's okay).
5-I wanted to add another layer of the white, dabbing very random and lightly and finished with the brown metallic.

It takes a little while to dry, but I am pleased!!

Kinda looks like little dino eggs! HAHA!

Nestled in a bed of green raffia in a beautiful crystal dish (from Goodwill, I might add) makes a nice little setting!

Let me know what you think! Also, show some love and "Follow"! 
I'm  a new blogger and would LOVE new friends!

Blogging while enjoying beautiful company and a yummy slice of thin crust pizza
 (with everything on it, OF COURSE),

Friday, March 30, 2012


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IT'S FRIDAY!!! Wooohooo!
I have spent this gorgeous day with my little girl running to and fro, of course making a scheduled out-of-the blue stop at the Dollar Store and Home Depot!

After a Pinterest inspired craft FAIL (more on that tomorrow), I needed some DIY therapy...you know...
A little pick-me-upper!!!

I am thrilled with the outcome of my $3 garage sale coffee table up cycle.

My porch is a work in process. Still needs a rug, wall art, lighting and MORE...but when designing on a dime (literally), its all about patience and enjoying the process!

So back to the coffee table!

I think it is the perfect mix of rustic and modern! It started out a plain old 1970's TV stand and now its a great addition to my back porch.  It was on the porch for literally MONTHS and I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, until we sanded the top.  I loved it raw and undone, but the rest of it wasn't looking the same way and my affections were not the same. So I decided to take the plunge and get to painting...spray painting, that is.

First, I taped up the top (I used WalMart bags and tape) and primed two coats with Kiltz Spray Primer. This took about a full can and a quarter of a second can. 

Next, I sanded with 220 grit sandpaper to have a smooth surface....now what color shall we use?!? Well, after seeing this all over "blog land", I decided to try out Rustoleum "Heirloom White".  I wish it would have come in gloss so it would be more durable, but I love this color!! Really!! 
I can see why it's so popular!

I bought basket drawers to put all of the kids outdoor toys and play stuff (that worked out perfectly) 

and all is well...

I am stumped as to whether or not I should distress the white or not!!!

What do you think?

Distress or not distress??

Leave me a note with your opinion!

Blogging in my "jammies" while dreaming of a big bowl of yummy Reese's Puffs cereal,

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Pin It Now!

Howdy ya'll! No, I'm not from Texas...but I am from somewhere close and we do say ya'll, but not really howdy...at least I don't...anyway...

(awkward moment)

I am SO ready to brighten things up in our humble home for Spring. When I am glancing around my home, usually daydreaming of a project or 2---or 3, til my son says

"MOM?! What are you staring at??,

I see corners and vignettes of brown, brown and more brown!! 

AHHHH! Enough with the brown, already!

So in a flash (literally) I scurry to brighten up this one little sad corner.

Honestly, I love that wall hanging from World Market, but it just screams "FALL" to me.

So, Zip, Zap, Zam!

Instant brightening!

The canvas is of my daughter when she was a baby.  It hung as a Strasburg advertisement in our local store more a few years:) I'm a proud mama!

Notice the wire basket holding my blankets.

It was this...hanging all alone with not a flower or plant in sight...sad little planter!

Cleaned it up and took off the chain and PRESTO!!

Stole a lamp from my room and a white porcelain tray (both thrift store and garage sale finds).

Oh how I could just do this alll daaay looong!


Blogging in my comfy black leggings and stretchy knit black dress (I'm having a "fat" day),


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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It's HUMP day! I love Wednesdays for that very reason! Almost the weekend
(well, halfway there at least).
I have toiled with the fact that all over Pinterest and the blog world I am seeing these awesome spring mantels everywhere! Emily over at 52 Mantels is the QUEEN of mantels (In my opinion)! I am so Jealous!!  Why, you might ask? Well, because my mantel is taken up by a ginormous black rectangle that looks something like this...
...I wish I could reclaim that mantle for my own, but something tells me that would cause a bit of a problem with the hubbs.  OK, I'll be HONEST...It IS the really only reasonable spot for the TV in the awkward elongated living/dining area of my home, but a girl can rant, right?! (After all, this is MY blog...:))
So...I decided that I would not let this mantle monstrosity take me down this spring...no-sir-e!!  So here is my UN-Mantle...

It's only the top of my piano, nestled away in the corner, but I am thinking that will need to change and SOON!

This is just too cute to hide, if I would say so myself (and I just did)!

Like my stenciled charger ?  Find out how I made that HERE !

Love my .25 Garage sale glass "cover thingy"...on top of my cute little white bird from a thrift store for 1.00...on top of a white dessert plate (freeee)....on top of a 1.00 white candlestick upcycled from guess where???  YES, a Thrift Store!! How'd you know??

And what about those Grass Balls...on clearance last fall at HOBBY LOBBY (my second home)!
And I threw the twine left over from the bridal bouquet I made this weekend in the apothecary jar...worked nicely!  Waste not, want not!!

I am just loving it!

Happy Spring!!

Blogging while in dyer need of a weekend trip to ...um...ANYWHERE!


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Pin It Now! Good morning! What a beautiful Tuesday it is!
I gotta say that the most frustrating thing and biggest obstacle that I have had to face in my own home would be the window treatments. They are just so stinking expensive!
Don't get me wrong, there are TONS of different ideas on cost effective ways to create window treatments. The toughest part for me, is actually deciding which idea to use.
One of my favorite treatment ideas would have to be bamboo roman shades. The only downfall to bamboo shades, is that they're not 100% private. Let's face it, when it comes to the bathroom window we definitely want privacy! Would you agree?
I was inspired by a pinterest pin from GREEN STREET BLOG and actually she followed the tutorial of John's Journal.
I cannot stress enough how easy this project is.

All you need is:


quilt binding or trim

spray adhesive

glue gun

bamboo Roman Shades.

I really wanted to save money on the fabric. I wanted it to be a high-end, sturdy fabric but do not want to spend more than needed. Let's face it, my budget is very small. So what I did is searched the discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross and found a high-end fabric curtain panel that matched perfectly and was less expensive then getting the fabric cut.

And this is what I did!!

I love how it's private but still can see the texture of the bamboo!!

Ok so below are my most recent 5-in-5 finds. To find out more about 5-in-5 check this post out!
They might not look like much now...but stay tuned for mooooore!!  What would you do with these finds??
What would you do with these 5-in-5 finds??? INSPIRATION IS A TWO-WAY STREET!!
Blogging while daydreaming of a Sonic Burger and chocolate shake
(both are not on my diet plan),

Monday, March 26, 2012


Pin It Now! Monday Monday Monday!
I had such a great weekend...made a great bench for my room, worked on wedding bouquet and hair pieces for two weddings and enjoyed a wonderful sunday service and Easter Gathering at the park!  I painted faces for 4 hours and ENJOYED IT!

Among my recent "re-dos" is this brown side table that I bought 10 years ago in desperate need for a side table...oh how this thing has seen its share of wear and tear!

I have been overwhelmed with BROWN...In a bad way!!  Brown curtains, brown walls, brown furniture, a brown leather couch, brown frames, brown accessories, brown dirt, brown floors,....ugh! I have been so desperate to rid brown from my presence I was even considering PAINTING an expensive leather couch...Whoa Nelly!!!  I havn't gotten the courage or permission from the hubby for that project!
A very informative blog from 
All Things Thrifty Home Accessories and Decor: Everything I know about Spray Paint!
has made my world of painting furniture soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. Get my drift?
So this is the outcome!

(Sorry for the not-so-great picture quality...my "good" camera is under construction)

OK now lets get down to business...I need advise...the lamp on the table is a brass lamp I got at a garage sale and I like it alot...as is..but I am leaning toward painting it silver mainly because I feel it to be a "NO-NO" to mix brass, silver, copper and gold etc...Do you think that it is ok to have brass and silver mixed up?

What would you do?

Blogging while my stomach is growling and I need MORE coffee,

 Love, Nelly

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Pin It Now! I spotted this old coffee table at goodwill and grabbed it for 11.99. I knew exactly what I'd be doing with it! The top was Kinda yuck but I didn't care because I would cover that part anyway!! Yeah buddy!

Then I grabbed 2 yards of fabric from Walmart for 6.00. So glad the fabric dept Is back! Can I get an AMEN?!

So then I primed everything but the top with Kiltz Spray Primer, sanding lightly between coats and then put on two GOOD coats of Krylon Spray Paint in gloss Ivory. It won't be glossy. I promise.

Now for the adventure. If you don't already know it is VERY expensive to get cut foam. I wanted it to be very thick. I didn't have any old cushions on hand or any old mattress toppers. Trust me...my wheels were turning on a thrifty way to do this thing!

I had thought about a crib mattress but then dismissed it because it was too wide however perfect in length.

After seeking crafting counsel from my friend Sarah, she mentioned a crib mattress. I had this thing on hand for ten years now. It's been beat up and used by my kiddos. Can't you tell?!

After my counseling session with "Dr. Sarah", I thought "maybe I can make it smaller?!" So I got to ripping that baby apart!!

First I measured what needed to be taken off and cut the plastic part and slipped it off (I kept it to slip back on after shortening the mattress)

This is what that mess of springs looks like! Wowzer!

I started to unwrap the springs by hand and quickly got tired of that so I used wire cutters to cut the little springs holding the big springs together. Then just spun them around and they just come right off-- hard to see that in the picture;(

I enlisted my mini-me for some help!

Then I tucked all of the foam and batting back in and put the plastic piece back on.

I took off the legs of the coffee table. I'm so thrilled that was an option. Sometimes the legs are not removable!

Then laid out the fabric on the floor right side down. Placed the mattress on top then sprayed the part with spray adhesive that will be touching the table top. Then staple all around pulling tight and working on both sides by rotating.


I didn't take off enough of the width of the mattress. I wish I'd have made it a little smaller so be sure to measure that accurately.


I'm SO happy with this bench/doggie bed/folding laundry station...etc.

If you try this, I'd love to know!!!

I love comments!!

Happy DIY-ing,




Pin It Now!

Dowels or your choice size
Various sizes of rhinestones
9 inch round mirror
Spray paint
Hot glue gun
(Recently added the supplies to this post)

I discovered such a great tutorial from The Jolly James when creating my sunburst mirror for my room.

I did the very naughty blogger's thing to do and did NOT takes pics of the process...but I honestly followed this tutorial almost exactly.  The only thing I changed was that I added rhinestones randomly to give some sparkle!  I HEART SPARKLES!

It was a super fun sunburst mirror making party (say that 5 times!)  My little girl actually made one herself for her room along with my friend and crafter in crime, SARAH!

Don't we look dangerous!
(Such an old pic...when I was rockin the brown hair)

Here is the outcome!
(I actually got out of bed and made the bed for this picture...
See America...blogging makes you a neater person!!! )
And my angel's mirror!
She literally did this all by herself (except spray paint it)
NOTE: I wasn't extra careful when pressing the dowels on the back of the mirror and it actually cracked...but all I did was buy a new one and glued that baby right over the other one!

Project cost right around 10 bucks! Can't beat that!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!
 Blogging with my coffee on a glorious morning,