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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Pin It Now! Well-Hi!
Long time-no blog! This is true but I have a very good excuse reason. :) 
Ya'll have ALL probably used this reason before...


One thing after another and then before you know it, it's been a year and a half since my last entry!
When I started blogging, I did it all...I blogged consistently (as possible), constantly making mental notes on scenarios or crafts or recipes or ANYTHING that could be a blog post, taking the pictures...and more pictures...then MORE! Then filling up Pinterest boards with "to do" crafts, and researching "How to Grow Your Blog"....and trying to apply it...then researching MORE. I don't know...I got tired, I think!
But I really miss blogging.  Just a place to let it all out-an outlet, so to speak.
And I really miss you guys.
And mostly, I really miss reading YOUR blogs! I've popped in every so often to scope out what's new and happening, but not a whole lot....sad to say!
Don't get me wrong.  I REALLY REALLY imagined this being THE way to become a stay-at-home mom again and do what I love to do most

Create anything!

I saw your blogs and wanted THAT! I knew it was a lot of work and time and effort
(I am not oblivious to how much time it takes to have a successful blog)
But I am still working a desk job (that I AM grateful for, of course)...
My blog brings in ZERO income...
and the worst part...
I hardly ever spend time crafting anymore! Just dabbling in it here and there.
My house is STILL in the process of being renovated....8 years later----still incomplete.

So, I've decided this:
1: I'm coming back to "Blogland"-but on my own terms.
Not gonna stress out about SEO, this and that, mumbo jumbo...Just gonna enjoy it here and there. 
2: I am gonna make time for my projects again! It's way past due.
3: I am gonna have some fun!
4: This will be a place that my children and family can visit from time to time to read about OUR life and moments created and shared together....that I shared with the world.

Some people will read.
Some won't.
That's OK.
I am OK.
I am just glad to be back and I'll be visiting everyone soon!

Have you ever taken a break from blogging?
What were your reasons?
I'd love to hear them---I am sure I am not alone (I hope)!

Watching the rain and dreaming of sunshine,

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