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Monday, December 10, 2012


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Welcome to our home, Christmas 2012!
Just wanted to invite you in to take a peek into our home this holiday season. 
I snagged this awesome mosaic mirror reindeer for $6 after Christmas last year! Score! 
Wrapping paper this year is brown paper, white and tiffany blue (all dollar tree items)! The white and blue are a little thin so if your box has writing on it (like mine did) try making this oversize bow to disguise the writing for the little sneaky ones that may be snooping around under the tree.
 I love my new Scentcy Nativity wrap!!
 This cute little snowman ornament makes me smile! He was my ornament choice last year! This year I snagged those acrylic icicles also from the Dollar Tree, 2 for $1!
Score AGAIN!
I have had these Old Navy stockings for a while but I plan on sprucing them up for next year! Time for a re-do!

 I am very happy with my tree, but I had something with a lot more white in mind. I'll be looking for those after Christmas sales to add to my white ornament stock pile!

Little Gia says Peek-a-Boo and Merry Christmas! 
I can't wait to see your holiday home decor! Leave a link to your blog in the comments (along with your thoughts) so I can take a peek!

Thinking of Eggnog, pumpkin pie (and then doing about 100 sit-ups)...

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