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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Pin It Now! Well off we go to play in Atlanta for a national conference and it's pretty cool to be able to hang out with the band off stage. I am enjoying my JalapeƱo Salsa sunflower seeds here in the backseat of Angie's car and I have been threatened by her! Yes. Threatened!
I will be left on the side of the road if she finds any seeds in her car. So like a good little passenger, I grabbed my coffee cup, compliments of the gas station cashier, along with a lid, and have very cautiously contained all stray seeds and shells!! Go Me!!

The girls decide to pile into Angie's car while the boys, or men should I say, cruise the highway chauffeured by Derik! Of course you would assume that the women would be crying for the first potty break, but no! Let it be knownm the men have made the first plea to pee!! Haha!

So yeah, I am thrilled to have this new "blogging fettish" because it really can help to ease a really bad case of car anxiety! I can admit that I suffer from this which explains my need for the sunflower seeds!!

So until my next vehicle anxiety attack... Peace out!



  1. Love the new blogging, people from work suggested I blog all my ideas of health stuff or what I'm coming up with next I will have to check it out and try it!!!!

  2. Love the blogging, when I left work few insisted I blog so they can see what my brain was up to next!!! Alway something new to do for just about everything

    Love ya!!! Keep blogging

  3. I think that is a great idea! It's an outlet and great way to keep a record of special memories, events and thoughts! Go for it! U follow me and I'll follow u!! Lol


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