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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Pin It Now! Last night was a good night in our small group.  As we begin, the box of Kleenex in thrown in the center of our circle of chairs for those expected sobbers...I wasn't one of those! Later the box gets passed around for those late-blooming sobbers...UH UH...Not me!!

As the circle begins, the questions to answer were "Where have you been?" and "Where are you going?"  Yep...and the tears begin to flow.  Who'd have thought such A-typical questions wouldn open up the floodgates like that.  Soon enough it was my turn and BAM! Couldn't even get a word out and I needed the darn Kleenex!!

It felt great to talk and download, cry and hear others share their hearts.  I definitely won't even try to explain what my answers were to those questions...It is all a blur to me in some ways...But this is what I came away with from that meeting...

No Matter Where I Am...What matters is Where I AM, WHEREVER I AM!
Some deep thinking right thee, huh?!?!

<3 Nelly


  1. It's a church leadership meeting. We meet weekly and receive encouragement about life, ministry and stuff and as you have read, occasionally cry a little. Lol.


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