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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Pin It Now! Last night was a good night in our small group.  As we begin, the box of Kleenex in thrown in the center of our circle of chairs for those expected sobbers...I wasn't one of those! Later the box gets passed around for those late-blooming sobbers...UH UH...Not me!!

As the circle begins, the questions to answer were "Where have you been?" and "Where are you going?"  Yep...and the tears begin to flow.  Who'd have thought such A-typical questions wouldn open up the floodgates like that.  Soon enough it was my turn and BAM! Couldn't even get a word out and I needed the darn Kleenex!!

It felt great to talk and download, cry and hear others share their hearts.  I definitely won't even try to explain what my answers were to those questions...It is all a blur to me in some ways...But this is what I came away with from that meeting...

No Matter Where I Am...What matters is Where I AM, WHEREVER I AM!
Some deep thinking right thee, huh?!?!

<3 Nelly

Friday, June 10, 2011


Pin It Now!

Well today was an interestingly good day! Roomed with my girl, Sarah, and spent most of the day kicking it at the conference. Of course, ya know the day cant get off to a start without a few "moments" featuring yours truly! So yeah, as we are walking to the meeting, I managed to ignore the fact that the escalator was moving TOWARD me! I managed to avoid hopping a ride on that escalator, but it was close and didn't go unnoticed! Yeah .... so that was an awkward moment.

I also shared a moment when I asked a simple question about there being gravy with a certain sandwich that Pastor Bobby had the pleasure of raving about! That moment was seized by none other than Pastor himself ! He says in a very Cajun accent quite teasingly " Now Nelly, ya know ya cajun when ya askin bout da gravy on da sandwich! Gotta get dat gravy huh nelly!?" haha! It was funny!

So I'm walking with my girl, Sarah, to retrieve a new room key because our key malfunctioned and while walking down this grand hallway, the awesome sound of big band was streaming and I just could not restrain from busting out in a "jive"! Well, from a distance comes a hotel worker and as he passes says " Yeah! That's some good dancing right there! Makes me wanna start dancing!" OMG! Wow! AWKWARD MOMENT AGAIN!

So I am a
backward escalator riding,
jive dancing,
gravy eating
....enjoying awkward moments in Atlanta with my peeps!

Wouldn't trade those moments either!

Jiving on,

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Pin It Now! Well off we go to play in Atlanta for a national conference and it's pretty cool to be able to hang out with the band off stage. I am enjoying my JalapeƱo Salsa sunflower seeds here in the backseat of Angie's car and I have been threatened by her! Yes. Threatened!
I will be left on the side of the road if she finds any seeds in her car. So like a good little passenger, I grabbed my coffee cup, compliments of the gas station cashier, along with a lid, and have very cautiously contained all stray seeds and shells!! Go Me!!

The girls decide to pile into Angie's car while the boys, or men should I say, cruise the highway chauffeured by Derik! Of course you would assume that the women would be crying for the first potty break, but no! Let it be knownm the men have made the first plea to pee!! Haha!

So yeah, I am thrilled to have this new "blogging fettish" because it really can help to ease a really bad case of car anxiety! I can admit that I suffer from this which explains my need for the sunflower seeds!!

So until my next vehicle anxiety attack... Peace out!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Pin It Now! I found this old blog on myspace from years ago and a few thoughts ran through my mind...1-"Wow, that was some deep-thinking right there, at least for me!" I never have been a real deep thinker although, on the contrary, I actually do ALOT of thinking...and 2-I thought..."Hmmmm...a blog?!"...something different to do beside the occational facebook status update and newfound twitter "tweets"...

So, yeah, here ya go! I've been accused of living under a rock, because I don't catch on to things on the brink of their existence, but the honest truth is that I hate to be a trend follower so I usually hold back on getting into something in the beginning (for example, the adorable feathers that EVERYONE has in their hair..I really love the look but now its just too popular). The downfall is that I am always "behind the times" and therefore accused of hiding under a rock!

...as i  am sitting here,   thinking, I wish that I had the power to change the minds of those that I love.  I wish that I could stop the hands of time and shock the hearts of those that have flattlined.  I only wish that every moment spent in prayer and discipleship would not simply be heard and then forgotten, but actually absorbed and used to develop the life of an individual.  I wish that every person who turns away from a life of destruction and hurt, would never, ever return to such a life....I wish!  I also wish that I could playback my own life and display to those who simply think that I just don't understand, and show them how deeply I do understand.  I wish I could open up my chest and display the love, the devotion, and the hurt....showing to those who may doubt that it is REAL LOVE....REAL DEVOTION...AND REAL HURT.  I know that I am certainly not without fault or sin....and am only anything because of the grace of God  and the forgiveness of Him.   Lastly, I don't wish to change the past but simply wish to use it to help change the future.......I wish....