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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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(Sorry...phone pics)
I am slightly humiliated.
This picture was actually after we removed about 40% of the stuff off the floor. The floor was M.I.A. for months!
Oh the SHAME!
Then we moved it all into the bedroom...WOWZER! Reality set in at this point...
"Nelly...you have a problem....a closet mayhem problem!!"
Seriously...I can't really remember having an organized closet...ever!
My life was never "relaxed" enough to get it to that point!
Well, I have decided that it is about time to focus on my home, you know, a HOME... that place that we pay a BIG mortgage for in order to spend about 12-15 hours a day in which is about half of our lives?!?!  
YEAH...THAT place!
 The biggest problem that I had with my closet (AMONG QUITE A FEW PROBLEMS) was organizing my crafts! I REFUSE to get rid of them! I will (eventually) make something with that left over silk flower from a bridal bouquet I made for a friend 3 years ago or that white pom pom trim from my daughter's crib bedding (she is six now)!
Yep...waste not, want not!
I had to (very hesitantly) ask my organization (intervenor) and DIY partner in crime, Sarah, "Am I a hoarder?!?!"
She gently let me know, that is not the case!
Phew!! Thank the Lord!!
There IS hope!
So, with ZERO moolah...I had to work with what I had to organize all that crafting crap stuff I have accumulated.
I bought a bunch of plastic shoe boxes for like $1 with the intention of putting my shoes in them...well, OBVIOUSLY, that didn't happen.  So, they became my new craft organization plan!
Then I needed labels.
I WILL be locating chalkboard labels (or dry erase) when the budget allows, but til then, clear packaging tape and a sharpie will do!
I am totally NOT DONE with this closet! This will go from Closet Mayhem to Closet FABULOUS...You just wait and see!
It will take some time and patience...but I am determined!!!!!
I have some other cool organization ideas that I implemented that I will share soon!
Stay tuned!
(Now I just have to located my husband's new work belt that seems to have disappeared during my quest to organize...ummm. whoops.)
Mucho Love,

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