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Thursday, May 10, 2012


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Have you ever been there...trying to balance out every area of your life so that priorities stay "in check" and every piece of you has to be chopped up into ITTY BITTY pieces so that everyone can be happy and everything can get done...and done right?!?
Trying to live organized in life and home is so challenging!

Exhausting just thinking about it!

I have been there and continue to BE THERE over and over again!

I am so thankful for the freedom to CHOOSE to be balanced. Now, by no means am I an expert, but I am living out this endeavor and it's been a trial and error journey every step of the way!

I try to stick with this little formula:

TAKE NOTE: This is not a list of importance but a rank of investment.

Now, I know everyone has their own formula but I'll explain mine for clarification.

Why? Because for me, my faith in Him sustains me! He keeps me SANE! I struggle with keeping Him first more often than not, BUT when I am successful, there is so much peace in my heart, mind and home! By keeping God first, that keeps ME, technically first as well!

Some of us wives and moms have two view points on this.  Either you are thinking
A-" What? I am first, NOT second---"
B-" Girl, I put myself last---Family ALWAYS First!" 

I have learned that If I don't have "ME TIME", then I will usually crumble under the pressure! 
Investing in yourself first makes your investment everywhere else of better quality, don't you think?
There IS two sides of this coin, though...
I ADORE my newest outlet, blogging, but have quickly followed the advise of other veteran bloggers to be consistent AND be balanced! Don't let this (or whatever you are "into" ) consume all of your time or energy! It's hard for me because I love it SO STINKIN' MUCH, but I love my fam MORE!

Honestly, most people put their spouse AFTER the children.  Why is it that we take our spouses for granted?  I FAIL ALL THE TIME in this area.  However, I have committed to be with my man til death do us part...my kids will grow up and leave me! SAD, but true! Therefore, shouldn't we work hard to keep the fire kindled and burning in our marriage? 
Just sayin'...

It seems weird to put the very breath that you breath, your family, fourth on ANY list! I mean, really? I am not saying that the importance of family is fourth, what I mean is that all of the first three on the list make the family BETTER! I will say it again...This is not a  list of importance but a rank of investment.  Each layer makes the next layer even better.

I am super involved in my church and PHEW...IT CAN GET HECTIC! I love everything that I get to do, REALLY, but (you knew there would be a "BUT" didn't you?) I know that this cannot take precedence over any of the above! The top four layers must overflow into this part of our lives so that it can actually be effective in other's lives! I have, at times, stepped away from areas for a season to readjust, and even recently had to reduce some time spent in ministry.  I don't like to say "stepped down",  just "stepped away".   It takes a wise person to know when enough is enough and things must get realigned!  I have ALWAYS had a hard time saying "NO" to anyone, and I don't think that is totally a BAD THING.  I was talking with a close and dear friend the other day about this, and like she said..."I am in a season of ,"YES"...but within my capacity"! That's the key!!!

Yep, this is where the rest of it falls...

This post is really not to "rant" about how I have it all under control by following this little method. TRUST ME! That's not me! I am working this out on a daily basis! I merely shoot for this...it's the goal and goals are good, agreed?

Like I mentioned earlier...I am so thankful for the freedom to CHOOSE to be balanced.

Let me know how you keep your life "in check"!

Thinking thankful thoughts,

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  1. Whoa, Nelly (ha, whoa Nelly...funny), I think those words were written JUST for me!! These are all things I need constant reminder of. I am also one to say yes to everything. And, then I get overcommitted to things. And, then, guess what suffers? My relationship with Christ and my poor hubby. We've had many recent convos about this lately and I've been very convicted to move that man up my list of priorities. Whew. What a difference it makes in our marriage when I put him above all my other "commitments"!!

    I read a quote once that said "The world may see you as able, but your husband just wants you to be available". Powerful and true, right??

    Thanks for the great reminder!!

  2. You are just too sweet and very smart for your young years! Keep rocking..and thank you for your sweet note!


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