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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Pin It Now! I am always ALWAYS searching out a deal and with the explosion of pinterest and DIY blog mania, I am even more excited to be on the hunt for treasures.

I have made a little "deal" with myself, or with my wallet, that I can redo the house but only with goodwill and garage sale finds, flea market goodies and clearance rack deals or of course the all time fave...FREE STUFF!!!

Sooooo randomly, in between work, church, dancing, jui jitzu, boxing, working out (always last priority but still on the to-do list), cooking, cleaning yada yada yada... I will do the occasion "5 In 5". What is this you might ask? Well it's when I run into a store (usually goodwill) and only have 5 minutes and can only buy stuff $5 and under. I have learned that for me, if I spend toooooo much time in thrift stores I usually end up buying stuff that ends up in a garage sale or back at goodwill. For me, if it takes more than 30 seconds to decide, I walk away. Its really actually kinda fun and I don't always find stuff but its fun to see what can happen in five minutes.

So I will share my latest 5 in 5 finds...

The lamp was $4.99 and the double orchid silk plant was only $3.99, both from Goodwill. The orchid is pretty large and a find that I am really happy about! I had been looking for a glass lamp...and am STILL looking for more...and that lamp is $30 at Target. Go me!!! Go me!!! Go me!!!

The glass horse is a special keepsake of my husbands but I bought the glass canister to put q-tips in and they all fit nicely on the countertop together.

There was also a few baskets for $1.08 each (strange pricing at goodwill, I know!) I am using one basket for a pot plant outside and the other is housing toilet tissue for now. That'll prolly change in the near future as I have commitment issues when it comes to baskets. Lol

The glass dish thingy on top of the books was $4.99 also at Goodwill and it is very pretty and HEAVY. Wasn't sure if I was willing to spend that on something with only the purpose of looking good but when I picked it up it was so heavy and I knew it was worth it. I have plans for this later but til then, it has found a home on a lil table at the foot of our bed.

I'll keep sharing my 5 in 5 finds. Maybe you will be inspired to do the 5 in 5 challenge!

Blogging in the vehicle while waiting for my kiddo...

Hugs and fish kisses,


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