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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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It's HUMP day! I love Wednesdays for that very reason! Almost the weekend
(well, halfway there at least).
I have toiled with the fact that all over Pinterest and the blog world I am seeing these awesome spring mantels everywhere! Emily over at 52 Mantels is the QUEEN of mantels (In my opinion)! I am so Jealous!!  Why, you might ask? Well, because my mantel is taken up by a ginormous black rectangle that looks something like this...
...I wish I could reclaim that mantle for my own, but something tells me that would cause a bit of a problem with the hubbs.  OK, I'll be HONEST...It IS the really only reasonable spot for the TV in the awkward elongated living/dining area of my home, but a girl can rant, right?! (After all, this is MY blog...:))
So...I decided that I would not let this mantle monstrosity take me down this spring...no-sir-e!!  So here is my UN-Mantle...

It's only the top of my piano, nestled away in the corner, but I am thinking that will need to change and SOON!

This is just too cute to hide, if I would say so myself (and I just did)!

Like my stenciled charger ?  Find out how I made that HERE !

Love my .25 Garage sale glass "cover thingy"...on top of my cute little white bird from a thrift store for 1.00...on top of a white dessert plate (freeee)....on top of a 1.00 white candlestick upcycled from guess where???  YES, a Thrift Store!! How'd you know??

And what about those Grass Balls...on clearance last fall at HOBBY LOBBY (my second home)!
And I threw the twine left over from the bridal bouquet I made this weekend in the apothecary jar...worked nicely!  Waste not, want not!!

I am just loving it!

Happy Spring!!

Blogging while in dyer need of a weekend trip to ...um...ANYWHERE!


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  1. weekend trip ummmmm why not a bluebonnet photo shoot weekend in ummmm Katy Texas !!!!

    1. Wow. That sounds amazing!!!!! Seriously it's gonna happen soon!!!


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