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Monday, April 30, 2012


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WHOA! WHAT A WEEKEND! I have been on an emotional roller-coaster..BIG TIME! 
Here's the rundown...

  • The whole family was in a wedding..YES, I said WHOLE...We survived...barely...The things we do for the ones we love..
  • I LOST Someone obviously STOLE my new iPhone! I am literally in mourning right now!
  • I was and still am sick with a horrible sinus thing!
  • Me and my son, while in our wedding attire (his being rented), stepped in a mud pit while leaving the wedding at 10:30 at night!
  • OH, and the highlight...the dress that I had altered for the wedding, was all "jacked" up so the morning of the wedding I was shopping for a new one!

Oh what a weekend...but now onto MARVEL-US MONDAY!
What is Marvel-us Monday, you might ask? Well then...I shall tell you!
It is the day that I will share my round up of how fellow inspiring bloggsters have inspired me within the past week.
EVENTUALLY, it will be a 
Power Packed 
Off the "Chi-zain"
...BUT, for now, I am still a newbster and working on educating myself on all that good stuff!
I have been searching pinterest and the web for birthday inspiration for my little one who is turning 6 this weekend! I was so excited to see the loads of ideas on Rainbow Parties! 
These were some of my faves!

These pancakes from Flavela look so fun! There isn't really any "Tut" on how to make them, but I figure it's a no-brainer...Just add food coloring to the batter, I assume! YUM!
Over at beneath the rowan tree, is a great idea on using sharpies to make tie-dye t-shirts! Super cute idea!  I can't wait to try this one!
I'm torn between the tie-die die idea or this cool idea from Alpha Mom using Sandpaper as an iron on transfer! ARE YOU SERIOUS? GENIUS!
I love this rainbow party favor idea from Our Best Bites! Super cute!!
I don't know about ya'll, but 
The ideas are endless and shared with the world!
Just remember to give a shout out the idea holders! 
Much Love to Ya'll!

Now, I'm off to take more meds and figure out a plan for getting a new phone!
I sure do wish I could "craft" one up...BUMMER!

                                                                      A Bowl Full of Lemons

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