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Monday, April 23, 2012


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HAPPY MONDAY BE-YOU-TIFUL PEOPLE!  I am so thrilled to start the week off with this post! 
I recently had an epiphany...
Simplify Life!
I am working hard to organize not only my home, but my LIFE! It is amazing what you can accomplish with a little bit of organizational planning!
So, like many fellow bloggers, I am deciding on themes for my daily blog posts.
I CANNOT WAIT til I can get "schooled" on throwing a Link-Up Party!  I am a NEWBIE so I have tons to learn and don't really know when is a good time to actually throw a link-up party,
BUT, I will one day!
So til then...


I will feature a favorite craft...or two...or three...or TEN that has "marveled" me and share it with ya'll!
TODAY...It's just one but not because I wasn't FLOORED but all of the stuff in blogland...

SO, anywho...
I just came across this project over at the Newbie Party over at Debbie Doo's!!


My Suburban Life created this!!

She was inspired by this adorable display by Crap I've Made!

I am PUMPED to be growing as a blogger and THRILLED to meet so many cool people!! Seriously, I am LOVIN' IT!

Whatcha think about this display??
When is a good time to start a Link-Up Party?
Please feel free to share your advise! I am hungry blog-learner...feed me!


  1. Woot! Thanks for the posting, that's awesome! : ).. Sometimes I don't feel quite so proud of my newbie submissions but I thought that one came out well. Thanks for the support! Yesterday was crazy and sometimes I don't get a lot of outer time but I definitely am glad to meet other newbies and support them too! It may take me a couple days, but I'll catch up. Lol. You're crafts have really turned out well, can't wait to see more!

    1. ('puter time that is, autocorrect strikes again. Lol)


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